We are S3
Experts in Perioperative Consulting

We turn inefficiencies into growth

We understand how challenging the healthcare environment has become, but in order to do more with less, you must be strategic. The plan involves a comprehensive assessment of current state. Our experts will then help identify priorities in operations, initiate action plans, and put into place tools to measure ongoing process improvement. Cost savings and increased revenue are going to be the key to survival for the modern perioperative suite.

Expert skills + tools

With over 50 years of combined perioperative management experience in a range of facilities, the S3 team is uniquely equipped to identify the root of your OR’s under performance and tailor a solution to achieve optimization.

The Surgical Operation Room Dashboard (SORD™) platform was developed by S3 with the perioperative leadership team in mind. The tool’s straightforward design provides stakeholders the information needed to make informed decisions quickly and confidently.

S3’s service is set apart from the industry because they will coach your team. S3’s goals-based, hands-on approach to perioperative optimization and leadership development gives them an intimate connection to the people and enables them to work with the staff in place to maximize their potential.

We deliver great results

A comprehensive approach to perioperative optimization uniquely provides S3 with the ability to be a start to finish solution. The goal of the S3 consulting team is to provide tangible results for our client facilities. This is achieved through several means, but most notably establishing a standard of operation for the suite, encouraging conversation across multiple perioperative disciplines, and providing the system of record necessary for ongoing accountability. Clients have been very satisfied with S3’s performance and tools. Please take a moment to read through the case studies to the right.